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David Hyner of Stretch Development Ltd

Photos for promotion and marketing

David Hyner




"Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for the new photos that you have done for me.

They are truly the first ones taken of me that I am very happy with.
You have captured the "real me" both when presenting and also in a more formal setting.
Your time, patience and ability to put me at ease in front of the camera all helped to make the experience an enjoyable one and I will be certain to tell PSA members and other speakers about your services.
Thank you"
Kindest Regards
David Hyner  alam
Stretch Development ltd



I recently visited Greg’s studio to see if he could do the impossible – make my ugly mush look vaguely attractive. I have never liked being photographed.

I have no problem with the process, just the outcome. But I did need some decent photos with which to advertise myself.

I am delighted to say that from all perspectives that this was a very positive experience.

The session itself was very enjoyable. Both Amanda and Greg create a very relaxed atmosphere to the extent that we spent much of the time in fits of laughter.

And when the proofs arrived a couple of days later I could not have been more pleased, and I have to say surprised.

They were fantastic!! And I really do feel that they portray me as I want to be portrayed to my customers.

Greg is to be thoroughly recommended, and I haven’t even touched on the great value for money!!

Mike Shinton

mike shinton photos

Mike Shinton

This photograph was incorporated into the CD cover of the newest and best selling CD of Wingates Brass Band.

band cd cover

Photo taken for Wingates Brass Band

band picture






Communion Prayer Book Cover

Commissioned by Michael Wyatt, BA (Hons) Theology and Religious Studies, Reader in Church of England, with a foreward by the Rt. Rev'd M.A.O Lewis, Bishop of Middleton.

Post Communion Prayer Book Cover


CD and Ebook Covers for DreamLife Productions Ltd

creative problem solver ebook amanda goldston

CD Cover

clear limiting beliefs audio relaxation

CD Cover

bereavement cd cover amnada goldsotn

CD Cover

Clear Limiting Beliefs for Holistic Practitioners CD and Ebook Cover

CD and Ebook Cover


clear limitign beliefs for holistic practicitioners audio

Audio Workbook Cover

relax your way to sleep audio relaxation cd

Relaxation CD cover

stress relaxation audio cd cover

Relaxation CD cover

pure energy detox cd cover foot spa

Relaxation CD cover


create your ideal day ebook cover amanda goldston

E-Book Cover


creative problem solver ebook

E-Book Cover

clear limiting beliefs ebook amanda goldston

E-Book Cover

intuition in business amanda goldston

E-Book Cover


learn tarot online by amanda goldston

E-Book Cover


Master Your Power of Release by Buz McGuire

Ebook Covers and Audio Graphics

power of release buz mcguire buz mcguire cd pictures masters of release





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